Co-op Expansion

Expansion Update July 2017

The fabulous crew at Naylor and Breen and their subcontractors are plugging along ahead of schedule, regardless of the rainy weather!  Amazingly, we’ve still been able to keep the store open for regular hours every day.  We know the parking lot is still a little scary some days, and that the noise of construction can be disconcerting, but progress is definitely being made.  All of our major additions are now under roof, and the Co-op staff has moved into their new back room.  The Produce cooler is substantially larger and just waiting for a few floor adjustments to become fully operational.  We have a new hot water heater in the staff bathroom, which will serve as our temporary hot water source for the Deli while they’re being hooked up to their new kitchen space.

We sincerely appreciate all of our shoppers who continue to put up with noise, crowds and limited parking.  Because of you, we’ve been able to continue to function pretty close to our normal level of productivity – no small feat under the circumstances – thank you!

Please take a look at the diagram below for a forecast of just what July will bring to the Co-op Expansion!






Here’s a Look at the New Store Layout:

Note that the dotted green line represents the outline of the current store. The additional space will allow:

  • A better insulated, more energy-efficient building with 50% more retail space overall
  • 20% more retail space in the Produce department and a more open layout for easier navigation
  • Improved store entrance with energy-saving air lock
  • 100% increase in the bulk/grocery backstock area
  • Expanded selection in the Bulk department
  • 100% increase in fresh meat retail space
  • 100% increase in cheese retail space
  • Improved deli, with 75% more retail space, a hot bar, and more
  • Enlarged deli kitchen for more prepared foods and faster service
  • New Co-op Cafe with 100% more seating and a dedicated entrance
  • New customer service desk
  • Wider, longer, safer driveway in and out of the parking lot


The most important thing members/customers can do to support our expansion project is to keep shopping during the construction months.  Thank you!

Stay tuned for more details!!!


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